What did you learn from 2022 regarding the pack of self-pampering as a mother and a wife? Did you once again choose to serve others as opposed to yourself? Were there bucket lists you chose to ignore and not achieve? How can you decide to self-pamper for 20023 without feeling guilty?

Self Caring

If you ignore your inner self-caring I assure you life will be empty and exhausting. I was always told that not dreaming big dreams was ok. That was to get a reality check on what I wanted to achieve for myself was not of value. Your worse enemies are your family, friends and close relatives. They will discourage you due to their own insecurities. My biggest argument amongst loved ones this year. is all about being told am not having the right tools to achieve what I want regarding my dream home. Another year has gone past and no dream home has been bought.

The reason for that, is I am not going to settle for second best anymore. I know what I want and I first have to convince myself I can do this. This year I wanted to review the Ferrari Roma and I made sure it happened.

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Book It In

If I don’t book my dreams for 2023, I assure you my year is going to be a tough one. In these uncertain economic times anxiety for my family will continue to creep up. I have to be certain that what I want I need to be motivated and diligent to pursue it. Why have I allowed loved ones to lead regarding big choices in my married life? The reason is that I grew up being taught that the big decision in life was left to men. My mum always wanted a new home and she never got it because my dad controlled the money. The Italian way was always to allow the man to control the finances.

So when I review a Bentley Continental GTC Speed, it gives me the motivation to keep moving forward.

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Start with little self-care experiences such as a menopause massage or a facial. Go for a manicure and buy that ring you always wanted. Get reprogrammed regarding self-pampering.

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Get Your Own Bank Account

It is still very common for women to not be finically independent. Having control of your own cash means your self-pampering goals can be achieved. By doing this it means you learn the art of spoiling yourself when needed. Learning how to be independent and buying items that make you feel you can make the right choices.

Don’t allow your husband to control your big decisions in life within your marriage, relationship and when it comes to buying a home, car or even a diamond ring. If you allow this early in your relationship, it is much harder to self-pamper later on during years of being together.

Educate Yourself

Develop new skills when it comes to educating yourself. Listen to podcasts and write down your self-pampering goals. Make sure the goals you want to achieve are achievable both short and long-term. Don’t ever allow anyone to pursue you that it is impossible to be financially independent. Make sure you set aside money for unexpected events such as divorce. many women of today are convinced that they can’t achieve goals on their own or within their marriages or relationships.

Hand around women who will encourage you to achieve your dreams. Make them accountable for doing so. Do a phone call or zoom every week to share what is going on regarding personal achievements. Don’t talk yourself out of it, keep fighting the good fight.

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Dream Big

Make sure you allow your mind to dream big. the very things you meditate on are what you should pursue with all your body, soul and mind. Don’t talk yourself out of any self-pampering you want to achieve in the new year. Resilience is the key to achieving any dream in life. It all comes down to a powerful mindset. Speak allowed your dreams, write them down. Don’t allow one more day to get in the way of what you want for 2023.Swimming pool