Jennifer Lopez Fashion Icon with power and beauty. If you want the definition of beauty and power that comes with it, Jennifer Lynn Lopez is it. In 2011 she was named the most “Beautiful Person” by People magazine and that her net worth, as of 2011, is estimated to be $150 million. Her extensive résumé includes actress, business woman, dancer and recording artist. As of today she has been voted by Forbes as the  most powerful celebrity in the world. What is it that we all just adore about J.Lo?

J.Lo embraces her wardrobe with no fear and with a big curvaceous attitude. She understands what looks good on her curvy figure and is not afraid to high light one of her powerful assets, THE BUTT.

Jennifer Lopez – Fashion Icon

Her array of different fashion styles on and off stage varies from Haute Couture to urban street-wear chic. Her make up and hair always fits the image she is wearing for that particular moment. She is an icon for bling and sparkle even when wearing sports wear. Notice she will have a diamond accessory no matter what the outfit. She is a fan for beige colour and feather like dresses that seem to balance perfectly.

Her committment to that body allows her to wear the bravest of things, highlighting that no matter what your age your fashion outfits work. Her approach to wearing rich colours also transforms her total look to a majestic image she naturally has.

Beauty and talent go a long way and she is a great example of the power a women possesses. As women we too should embrace the J.Lo attitude towards fashion, no matter what or who we are.

Jennifer Lopez Fashion Icon - Blue dress 1

Jennifer Lopez Fashion Icon - White dress 2

Jennifer Lopez Fashion Icon - Pink dress 3

Jennifer Lopez Fashion Icon - Sexy dress

Jennifer Lopez Fashion Icon - With J.lo Ear rings

Jennifer Lopez Fashion Icon - gorgeous hair

Jennifer Lopez in action

Jennifer Lopez - breasty dress

Jennifer Lopez - strapless dress

Jennifer Lopez hat and smile