LOEWE Madrid - Leather lace dress & Coat Penelope Cruz

Spain is internationally for me one of the masters for leather quality and design. Barcelona is one of my cities I visit often. It always has a wide range of leather bags and shoes shops. From the emerging designers to the top labels. They all understand one thing, the usage of leather and understanding the art of it. Spain for me is what has made them stand out from the rest of the world. Today I am going to talk about the label called LOEWE .This company has gone deep into its Spanish roots and taken embroidery techniques and replaced cotton for leather. Yes this designer has shown us the power of leather as lace. Its leather bags for me are too traditional but when it comes to its garments and the usage of suede. It has a grown women crying of pure envy.

Leather Colour – Ante Oro Gold Suede

Its rare breadth of colour usage amongst the leather designs is ingenious, one being Ante Oro gold suede. It has transformed leather colour even the classic jet black leather is a gleam of splendour. Other colours to admire is the sunburned earth collection. If extravagant is what you are after, check out its crimson napa and eye watering unusual jewel bights such as sapphire and flame, to the muted tones of grape, steel, chestnut and moss.

Lace as Leather

You instantly feel the Spanish flare when you see its latest collection. In where leather lace is now been shown as a powerful tool. From dresses to jackets, I am adoring the leather patterns and lace designs it has mastered. It’s simply feminine very empowering and unique. It’s all about the detail, and has taken the epic leather into a new inspiring era. For me this years collections is timeless and worth every investment. This brand is not cheap but if you can afford it, you’ll have some priceless statement pieces for life. With all these innovations Loewe tops the leather coats for women market.


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