I am loving more and more how denim is becoming more elegant within the latest collections. After my encounter with David Gandy wearing my onesie and his reactions to denim it  has given me the  confidence to keep exploring new collections. Now there is one particular denim that never looks that good on me and that is denim shirts. In fact I stay clear away from them, I own none.

However on this occasion I spotted the Nadine H. Women’s Bow Blouse which you can buy from,  Amazon Fashion  NEW Jeans Store. What instantly caught my eye was the bow. I have written a very powerful article about women and bow ties way back in 2013. I do love bow blouses but they can be annoying and hard to wear, or on some occasions they can look rather dated.

I liked the look of the blouse from the website as it was different and I thought teaming this bow blouse with shorts or cropped trousers could look rather elegant. When it arrived and I must say the delivery was fast I instantly fell in love with it. I felt the material and it almost felt like silk, the fabric was very soft. The bow itself is attached to the shirt and it is very heavy.. Once I put it on, it looked great. I asked my partner what he thought and he said on this occasion it looks really elegant on me. First reactions  from other people, are always an indication you have made the right purchase.

Nadine H. Women's Bow Blouse Amazon (2)

The colour is very versatile and would look great with dark red fabrics let alone red leather leggings, I do have these in my wardrobe. This is a rather unique review as I got the bow blouse took some shots, wore it for a few hours and then had to jet set to Bali. Now Bali is really hot so for now it has been left in Holland. But when I get back I will show you how it looks on me. Then, you the fashion jury can decide.

If you’re looking for something very different and want to show a more feminine side, then this bow blouse is for you. I am not that slim and one thing I did love, was the bow made me look thinner than I am at the moment. I also have broad shoulders and on this occasion, the bow is so dominant, it takes away that chubby factor. I will keep exploring how to wear this blouse and what to team it with. So f you’re looking for something rather different, then I would purchase it.

Nadine H. Women's Bow Blouse Amazon (1)Nadine Womens Bow