I have actively supported the cause of women in sports, recognizing their significant role in driving the necessary changes related to equality and addressing issues of sexual harassment. The influence of women in sports as role models for young girls is significant and warrants careful examination at all levels to bring about change. It is crucial for men to confront this issue directly and honestly, especially during a World Cup final where women and the entire world are watching. It is imperative that we do not overlook this matter and take immediate and significant actions to bring about necessary changes. Should Luis Rubiales’ be asked to step down after last night’s inappropriate behavior? I have lived in Spain for many years and understand Italian cultural differences. But not at a world stage like this.

Lindsey Vonn I ask Her About The Influence For Female’s In Sports

I grew up with world-champion Australian women and men in sports. I have interviewed many world champions in sports. It is a question I asked Lindsey Vonn former downhill world champion for skiing.

I understand the power and influence they have on young minds. Women in sports must be allowed to expose the sexism they are confronted still within 2023. Did we not all witness this in Sydney Australia when Spain won the World Cup?

I did not enjoy that’ – Jenni Hermoso kissed on the lips by Spain’s football federation president.

If you think about it, the same situation wouldn’t have been allowed or accepted at the Men’s world cup. However, when it comes to women’s football, it’s unfortunately common to encounter instances of sexism and poor behavior.

Kissing A Woman On The Lips Is Wrong

Luis Rubiales’ actions sparked a wave of outrage on social media, resulting in a strong and direct response from Hermoso. Spain midfielder Jenni Hermoso has expressed her discomfort regarding a moment when Spanish football federation president Luis Rubiales kissed her on the lips following their triumph in the World Cup final in Sydney. At the awards ceremony, the experienced 33-year-old player, whose penalty was saved by Mary Earps in the second half, walked towards the podium to receive her winning medal from Fifa president Gianni Infantino. Rubiales, 45, embraced her and lifted her off the ground. They had a brief conversation before Rubiales placed his hands on Hermosos’ back and gave her a kiss on the lips.

Rubiales, a retired defender who played for Levante, Alicante, and Hamilton Adademical, and was famously known as Pundonor (Courage), caused a great deal of controversy on social media due to his actions. Hermoso responded sharply to his behavior.

During an interview with Spanish TV network La 1, she was asked about the incident and responded by saying,

“Yeah, I didn’t enjoy that.” This exchange added to the ongoing tension between the team and the Spanish football hierarchy.

He Has Been Sacked

It took this prideful man almost two weeks to resign.

In his interview with Morgan, Rubiales his actions were a mistake. “This has turned out to be a snowball created by spurious arguments and people,” he claimed. “My intentions were noble, enthusiastic, 100 percent non-sexual, 100 percent, I repeat, 100 percent”.

Grabbing his crotch in front of Queen Letizia and her daughter during the match.

When asked if he accepted the kiss was “wrong”, he replied: “Of course, I have said it from the beginning, I made a mistake, and I apologized in a sincere manner. I was very happy, I felt like another player. 

Luis Luis Rubiales Must Step Down

It is imperative that Luis Rubiales, the current president of the Spanish Football Federation, steps down from his position. Rubiales’ tenure has been marred by controversies and mismanagement, calling into question his ability to effectively lead the organization. Under his leadership, the Spanish national team has experienced a decline in performance, failing to live up to the high standards set by previous generations. Furthermore, Rubiales’ decision-making has been questionable at best, particularly in his handling of key managerial appointments. This has resulted in a lack of stability and cohesion within the team, hindering their chances of success on the international stage. The recent resignation of Julen Lopetegui just before the 2018 World Cup serves as a prime example of Rubiales’ poor judgment. In order for Spanish football to regain its former glory, it is essential that Rubiales step aside and allow fresh leadership to take charge.