Over the last three years, I have bought over 20 jackets, I have also been gifted a lot as well. I have a kind of obsession with wearing jackets. But if there’s one thing that has done my head in over the last few years. it’s that the quality of the zips has been absolutely rubbish. I am talking about high street brands to jackets worth up to £2,000.

I am so vexed about it that I want to name and shame brands for producing so much zip crap, ZARA fashion brand has terrible zips.

Let me define what I mean by crap zip manufacturers. For me, a zip that does not last a season is clearly crap. If a zip does not do what it’s designed to do, then it’s crap too. If a zip takes you over 3 minutes to zip up, then it’s designing or the way it has been located on the jacket is wrong. I especially struggle with those double zips you find on a lot of sports jackets, allowing you to open the zip up both ways. They just take forever to close.

Obviously, most designers don’t give a toss about the quality of the zip materials used these days or how people use them.

ZIPS - My Frustrations With Quality And Function

These days to live an opulent lifestyle the last thing I need is a broken zip my jacket.

Why Are Zips So Poorly Made?

This was the last straw for me regarding my zip frustration. I was sent a ski jacket to review and the quality of this jacket and the material was great. The customer service was amazing, the marketing behind it would have cost a lot too. But how on earth could the very fundamental core aspect of a ski jacket, in other words, how to use the zip, be overlooked? How could you not just take the time and effort, let alone the quality control, to test the zipping and unzipping functions in real life?

I am trying to find out why brands are compromising their reputation, all in the name of poorly designed or poorly placed zips. It makes me really doubt the brand itself and that’s a real shame.

 Hunt In Vintage Shops

Regrettably, I have given jackets away where the zip outlasted the jacket. The zip quality was amazing in the past and I am convinced I could tow a trailer full of shoes with those zips alone. So I encourage you to scout through vintage shops finding jackets with amazing zips.

Vintage Clothing with good zips should always be kept for a rainy zip day.

Then save those zips for when you shop for cheap nasty clothes. The other solution is to buy jackets with buttons.

Yes well, you can read here my frustration with that too.

Please do share your comments about your zip frustration.