Angela Facchini

Rome based Haute Couturier, Angela Facchini, leads the way in Tango Couture. Angela’s journey in the fashion industry was inspired by her Italian family roots. Her mother was an accomplished embroider and her father established a business manufacturing wooden clothes hangers for the rag trade of Sydney. This entrepreneurial family affair, was where bespoke was the making of Angela Facchini.

2.5 million dollar wedding gown

Angela started working at one Sydney’s premier bridal boutiques ‘The Mating Game’  specializing in custom made bridal gowns. Along side this Angela established her own line, Dolce Luna Bridal.

From ball gowns to frock coats to entire weddings Angela was well regarded in the bridal industry. Her expertise was sort after at bridal fairs, catwalks and in leading fashion magazines’. Angela was commissioned to create a  2.5 million dollar wedding gown with leading Sydney jellewer Nicola Cerrone. This was showcased on Australian national television, newspapers and magazines.

Angela, designed a range of sheraling coats directed to the international market, a collection at Australian Mercedes fashion week spring 2003, which received great reviews.

Tango Couture the Collection for 2012

Angela’s passion and dream lead her to return to Italy to work with true masters of her work and enhance her skills in the world of haute couture. Since 2004 her expertise in bridal wear has now led to her own unique designs in Tango couture. The creation of hand made, beautifully tailored, one-off -gowns for Tango clients has some of Rome’s leading tango dancers coming back for more and more.

Top class Tango clients such as Sabrina Amato, Anna maria Ferrara, Daniela Damofonti, Francesca Del Buono, Bibianna Reynoso and Victoria Maria Arenillas are loyal clients who adore her collections.

Hence prefiguring the enduring exclusivity of  Angela Facchini’s pieces.

Angela’s  collaborated on numerous collections for, Rome and Milan Fashion Week, AltaModa and AltaRoma.

Angela Facchini also offers a styling and bespoke couture service, particularly aimed at those in the performing arts – opera singers, pianists, soloists and musicians –  who need statement pieces for large venue s. The dynamic begins with the initial meeting with the wearer. A time to measure, a time to dream, a point from which everything flows.

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Celebrities Wearing Angela’s Clothes

Her recent projects entail, creating and altering costumes for TV advertisement, such as Valentino’s new fragrance, ‘Valentina’ and for Danish lotteries. Many bespoke pieces were designed for a leading Italian  journalist, who presented  at Venice film festival 2010-11.

An american soul recording artist Wendy D Lewis,  frequently get’s Angela to design pieces. Wendy perform’s for fashion labels, such as Fendi, Rolex watch opening 2012,  Milan Fashion Week 2012 and events at Pitti Uomo Florence.


Tango Couture 2012 Collection


Tango Couture 2012 Collection


Tango Couture 2012 Collection


Tango Couture 2012 Collection

angela facchini, tango couture,gracie opulanza

2012 Tango Couture Collection Photo’s:

angela facchini, tango couture,gracie opulanza

Anna Maria Ferrara, wearing Tango Couture 2012 Collection

angela facchini 2012 collection


Bodyguards were monitoring the dress that contained over 200 diamonds.

angela facchini 2012 collection,

angela facchini 2012 tango collection angela facchini 2012 tango couture collection