My message is clear the fashion action happens through the emerging talents. They are our future fashion designers that need as much positive exposure at the least possible marketing price. Times are very tough at London Fashion Week this week. It’s the first time no goodie bags are been given out let alone food. Each catwalk I’ve been to, I can see lots of cut backs it makes perfect sense, every penny counts. So for me I am a women of action interviewing meeting people and getting photographed like never before.

Barbara Rosol-Mojduszka

The two outfits I wore were so amazing and of high quality, lot’s of people loved it and it empowered me to do my job. Barbara Rosol-Mojduszka came to the Mayfair Hotel looking just divine as a designer it’s important to give your client the best impression of who you are as a designer. Her products were packaged well and they are simply amazing, congratulations.

Creating Garment Through The Photographic Processes

The Concrete Fashion Collection was designed to capture a unique simplicity using old fashioned photography techniques inspired by the Concrete Photography Movement. The goal was to make an non-objective print onto the outfit that represents pure fashion that should be taken on their own terms without following trends and rules.

The body shape and a multidimensional image captured in an innovative developing process. The technique creates simple, functional, individual and environmentally friendly garments influenced by light in the developing process. The prints are the most important part of the project, created by adapting alternative techniques of photography to the field of fashion. The idea was to create a light sensitive surface that could transfer the body shape and silhouette of the wearer and freeze it as a print onto the clothes.

The Prints – Cyanotype and Liquid light Processes

The prints are all developed in the dark room where the garment became the paper to which the photo was printed. The process, all done in the dark, used cyanotype and liquid light processes to achieve a print with 3 dimensional effect on a fabric surface. The garments were personalised where you can see the designers own figure imprinted on the clothes such as hands in the developing process which creates and authentic designer signature. The result being minimalistic, sophisticated clothes with strong character printed on them.

The garments are all seamless allowing them to flow with minimal textile waste. A environmental and cost effect consideration whilst maintaining purity of form. This technique also allows fabric to behave in its natural way.

The technique was modified to use offcuts to extend length of the clothes and used innovative neckline and arm hole cuts which kept waste to minimum. The outfits maintain a simple appearance yet use advanced methods such as a one seam jumpsuit, asymmetric dresses and a square crotch trousers.

In order to provide a comfort as well as durability of the clothes a selection of natural fabrics of silk, cotton, wool and cashmere were used. The result is a unique, innovative, handmade garment.

Photography: Shuntaro Hosokawa
Models: Kayt Webster-brown, Kelly LI
Hair & Make-up: Gemma Louise Evans