When we’re under stress or frustrated, we can let it get to us and get us down. Learn how to deal with frustration and stress and improve your emotional intelligence, here.

In The Face Of Frustration & Stress

We are in a world right now where planning a trip, heading to a restaurant or meeting up with family and friends is being controlled by our governments. Our freedom of choice, speech has been taken over by draconian leadership. As a result, it’s built a massive mental health issue amongst me. As a businesswoman, mother and wife the annoyance of not being able to plan ahead lead me to be the rage at my kids. I wonder if I was to measure my stress hormone as a caregiver. I am confident it is at an all-time high at the age of fifty.

My mood swings result in behavior towards my family and strangers in a way that can only result in daily frustration. It’s a never-ending climb that triggers negative emotions.

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Don’t Let Frustration & Stress Take Over!

The tendency to allow me to be controlled by my emotional responses is the key to living in the now, going with the flow. To live in the present is the key to positive social behaviour. Living day today is one of the healthy ways I can deal with my adolescents who too struggle with online schooling.

Focus On Positive Emotions

Physical health is important to me to avoid risk factors regarding good blood flow. Having an appetite to live in the present moment is my family lifeline to avoid emotions of aggression. When I see or notice physical; symptoms such as tense muscles my stress response becomes more taxing on my body and my mind. It affects my ability in the short term.

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Improve Your Personal Effectiveness

Physical symptoms give me the inability or ability to function on a daily basis with my family and at work. It’s important I create a stress-free daily routine to avoid ulcers and my heart rate from resulting in long term depression. The key is to handle distress in a positive way. To work through on a day to day basis and enjoy the process. I keep a journal on my weekly goals long term and short. It’s good for my anxiety.


What Strategies Help?

Stretching and doing yoga, relaxation exercises such as walking, swimming and picking flowers all help e to enjoy life and stay calm. Meditation whilst praying. Writing and speaking aloud about my future whilst living each day in the flow. Not getting working up to about Covid rules. Or avoiding arguments about being vaccinated or unvaccinated. Making sure my stress levels are not elevated over useless fighting amongst family and friends. Avoid too much alcohol or overeating when stress levels of life increase. I always choose my battles now. Let verbal abuse in public about not wearing a mask is a behaviour I don’t engage with.



I go to church, I meet with new people to give me a different perspective regarding personality and peoples views. My exposure to wellness hanging around positive people is all about selective social interactions. I have deleted negative people in my life as it affects my mindset. I want what I read and listen to in order to stay calm.