Ah, the fashion-forward thrill of rocking a pair of socks that scream personality and style, not just an afterthought to a well-curated outfit! If you’ve been following my adventures in fashion, you know I’m all about that opulent, bold lifestyle, where even the tiniest details matter. And today, we’re diving into the world of socks – not just any socks, but the London Sock Company’s retro collection, which has been a delightful revelation to my wardrobe and perhaps, a cheeky nod to my rebellious streak of wearing men’s socks. Why, you ask? Because darling, in the game of fashion, rules are but mere suggestions.

London Sock Company

Imagine the scene: I’m trotting around in Holland, the land renowned for its bicycle culture and practical fashion sense, sporting a pair of sandals paired with, wait for it, socks! Yes, socks with sandals, a combination once considered a fashion faux pas, now elevated to the epitome of chic, thanks to my little experiment to inspire Dutch women to embrace the allure of high heels again. It’s summer in England and Holland, and though the weather plays a temperamental dance between hot and cold, my feet remain blissfully comfortable, encased in the London Sock Company’s retro socks.

These aren’t just any socks; they’re a statement, a manifesto of style that whispers, “Look at me, I’m fabulous, and I know it.”

Let’s talk about the Retro Recycled Sock collection for a moment. Six pairs of planet-friendly socks, each with a story, a character, designed not just for style but for sustainability. Crafted from a unique blend of recycled plastic bottles, cotton, and nylon, these socks are a testament to the fact that fashion can be both fabulous and kind to our planet. The mustard color, oh, the mustard color! It’s a challenge, a puzzle I’m all too eager to solve, finding the perfect outfit to complement its vibrant hue. And let me tell you, the versatility of mustard is vastly underestimated. It’s like the secret spice in your fashion recipe, elevating any ensemble from “meh” to “wow” with just a peek of color.

London Sock Company Chie Mihara

But the London Sock Company doesn’t stop at just making your feet look good; they’re all about the feel-good factor too. Their organic sock line is a dream come true for anyone who, like me, believes that socks are the lingerie of the feet. These socks are designed with ergonomics in mind – breathable mesh, integrated cushioning, embedded arch support, and that clever comfort cuff that keeps them snugly in place, no matter how daring your high-heeled escapades might be. They’re a celebration of comfort and style, a duo that’s not always easy to find in the fashion world.

Now, picture this: Alberta Ferretti mules, the epitome of embroidery and elegance, paired with these organic wonders. In this era of remote work and indoor living, this combo becomes not just a fashion statement, but a nod to comfort and style that doesn’t have to scream for attention to be acknowledged. And for those moments when you’re feeling a tad more casual, perhaps embarking on a covert mission to unlock a safe (or more likely, the secret to a perfect lazy Sunday outfit), these socks paired with trainers are your go-to. They’re sporty, they’re chic, and they complete any look with an effortless grace that’s hard to come by.

London Sock Company Chie Mihara

London Sock Company Alberta Ferretti mules




Retro Recycled Socks

So, why do I choose to wear men’s socks, you might wonder? Because, my dear, in the realm of fashion, gender is but a construct, and style knows no bounds. London Sock Company’s offerings have become more than just an accessory to me; they’re a form of expression, a way to add a splash of color, a dash of personality, and a whole lot of style to every outfit. They remind me that fashion is fun, it’s experimental, it’s personal, and above all, it’s an extension of who we are.

London Sock Company Alberta Ferretti mules


London Sock Company Chie Mihara

London Sock Company Chie Mihara


Retro Socks Style Ideas

Styling retro socks with skirts, herringbone prints, and colorful summer outfits, especially when paired with platforms and open-toe shoes, is like creating art where your wardrobe is the canvas, and you, my dear, are the visionary artist. This ensemble isn’t just about throwing pieces together; it’s a deliberate, playful exploration of textures, patterns, and silhouettes that boldly states, “I am here, and I’m fabulous.”

Platforms and Open-Toe Shoes

Starting with platforms and open-toe shoes sets a bold, yet versatile foundation. Platforms are not just a nod to the retro vibes we’re channeling; they’re a statement of confidence, a boost not just in height but in attitude. Open-toe shoes, on the other hand, offer a glimpse of the fun that lies beneath: our retro socks. Together, they balance height and comfort, making them the perfect partners in crime for our daring fashion escapade.


Styling with Skirts

Skirts are a fantastic counterpart to our sock-shoe combo because they offer endless versatility. For a breezy, effervescent look, pair a lightweight, flowy midi skirt with brightly colored retro socks peeking out of open-toe platforms. The contrast of soft, delicate fabric with the bold, eye-catching colors of the socks creates a delightful visual intrigue. If your skirt is more on the neutral side, say a classic beige or soft pastel, opt for socks with vibrant patterns or striking hues to inject a pop of personality into your outfit.

Herringbone Prints

Herringbone prints, with their distinctive V-shaped weaving pattern, bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to any ensemble. When pairing retro socks with herringbone, the key is to balance the print’s traditional allure with the modern twist of your socks. Choose socks in solid colors that complement one of the tones in the herringbone pattern to create cohesion without overwhelming the eye. Or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, select a pair of socks that contrast boldly with your outfit for a statement look that’s all about confidence and flair.

Maje Fashion

Colorful Summer Outfits

Summertime is all about explosions of color, and what better way to celebrate than by pairing your colorful outfits with equally lively retro socks? Match your socks to one of the less dominant colors in your outfit to tie the look together without competing for attention. This trick allows your socks to stand out as a thoughtful accent rather than clashing with your ensemble.

For a cohesive look, consider the overall vibe of your outfit. A pair of neon retro socks can add a surprising twist to a more subdued summer dress, while pastel socks can soften a boldly colored ensemble. And remember, the beauty of summer outfits lies in their ability to mix and match patterns and textures for a look that’s uniquely yours.

Maje Fashion

The Final Touch

Accessorizing this bold fashion statement is key. Opt for simple, minimalist jewelry to let your socks and shoes combo take center stage. A sleek crossbody bag or a chic sunhat can also complement the look without overwhelming it. Remember, the goal is to create harmony between your accessories and your bold sock choice.

In styling retro socks with skirts, herringbone prints, and colorful summer outfits, paired with platforms and open-toe shoes, you’re not just dressing up; you’re telling a story. A story of a woman who is fearless in her fashion choices, who embraces color, texture, and pattern with open arms, and who walks through life with confidence, one stylish step at a time. So go ahead, mix those prints, clash those colors, and let your retro socks shine. After all, fashion is not just about what you wear; it’s about how you wear it, with confidence, charisma, and a touch of whimsy.

London Sock Company Alberta Ferretti mules


In embracing these retro socks, I’m not just making a fashion statement; I’m making a statement about who I am. Bold, unapologetic, and ever-so-slightly eccentric – a woman who loves her opulent lifestyle but isn’t afraid to break the norms and mix a little fun into the seriousness of fashion. So, the next time you find yourself contemplating whether to adhere to the traditional fashion “rules” or to step out in something that truly speaks to you, remember: fashion is what you make of it. And if that means rocking retro socks with sandals or high heels, then so be it. After all, if we can’t have a little fun with our fashion choices, then what’s the point?

In the end, it’s all about wearing what makes you feel good, what makes you feel like you. And if that happens to be a pair of retro socks from the London Sock Company, then I say, embrace it, flaunt it, and walk with your head held high, knowing you’re a trendsetter in your own right. Because at the end of the day, isn’t that what fashion is all about? Expressing yourself, your way, socks and all.