For some the year 2023 can be very overwhelming. The rise of the cost of living, unpaid bills, mortgage stress and how to feed your hungry kids is a harsh reality of our failing governments. With the pandemic came a rise in the aftermath of depression among adults and teenagers. The rate of divorce has not ever been so high and the attitude of discontent and the age of rage is in full swing. Underpaid services such as teachers, nurses and police officers have led to many resigning at an unbelievable rate. I have two teenage girls and it is a daily slog as a homeschooling mother to get them out and about into the world of reality.

The mental health damage is the stay-home and work-home culture has had a huge impact on our social gathering behaviours.

People simply can’t be bothered going out, making an effort to catch up with loved ones and friends. For our children, it has become a hard slog just getting them outside their bedroom locked away reading tik to junk and being influenced by social media platforms such as Instagram.

Mental Health Tips - How To Get Your Kids Out Of Their Bedroom

Social Media Time Slots

I have learnt that a fine balance whatever I choose is going to be hard work with my kids who live in the Avatar world of youth. Every conversation is all about the Tik Tok trends and YouTube. My girls seem to think that education is solely on these two platforms and everything else is irrelevant or factually incorrect. The debates range from the top tips to creating strong hair and skin. The transgender debate of a man can be associated with a woman but not a female. When I do correct or debate this mindset I am judged as being discriminative towards transgender when I clearly say, a man born with balls or a penis is a man.

My top tip here is to keep the debates open, and calm and be consistent with facts not only on social media about any debate. Even when it comes to highlighting fashion history. My daughters, seem to think they created many trends of the past. I do remind them I grew up in the 1980s and know all about what I wore and bought.

Don’t try even confiscate their digital devices, we are in a technology world and need to balance that. I am in a luxury position in where I homeschool so our learning hours are always ever-changing. I recognise the patterns of literally banging on that locked doors saying we are going out on the beach or a swim. You have one hour to get ready. It’s a daily hard slog that both my husband and I unrelentingly make sure we win all battles on this front.

Be consistent, calm and reassuring we love our girls and show them the reality of the outdoor world.

Gym, Swim And Excercise

Whatever your working hours and lifestyle get your teenagers into a habit of exercise. it really helps with mental health. My girls are not sporty at all unlike me. But no matter what we use public outlets to get them out and meet new people. Homeschooling challenges are always about creating new communities. Be ruthless on social media platforms to meet other digital nomad families. It’s a growing way of lifestyle for many now regarding living abroad and homeschooling. Meet and exchange skills on a weekly basis. They need to be surrounded by their own peers and age. If nothing else talk about our inhumane parenting skills. My girls travelling agenda this year is Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, the United Kingdom and Europe. They often remind us that it is a terrible life as we have to move around and see the world. That all they seek is nesting and just staying in one place.

The communication skills cultural education and adaptation my girls have grasped are always impressive to peers their own age. It is all in the mindset after all. Unforgivable is my eldest belief that she has been made to learn educational skills in a non-traditional environment such as going to school.

This is my teenager daughter wanting to be left alone. Tough day at the gym, right?

Mental Health Tips - How To Get Your Kids Out Of Their Bedroom

You Are What You Eat

Heal the gut, heal the mind. The drug of today for our kids is the war against sugar and fast foods. Fortunately coming from an Italian background my girls have learnt the value of fine dining. That cooking is a lifestyle skill that they need to grasp. it is such a mathematical skill on so many levels. Fresh produce, taking them to food markets teaching them to buy fruit and vegetables in season and locally. Learning the skill of money, receiving change different currencies. Encouraging them to buy food in a different country and currency. Understanding change, percentages and when they get short-changed. No school can ever match this kind of learning. Eating fruits like dragon fruit, mango, papaya, grapes, coconut and Asian odd-looking veggies. To understand fast food and overdose of sugar lead to obesity, diabetes and cancer. To teach the art of sitting at a table eating, chatting and experimenting. Processed food is terrible for the gut and our growing children.

Teenager Independence

Our virtual world is feeding our children such misinformation. The woke movement and sex change as being a normal part of growing up is a very scary debate for me. Keeping the lines of communication is so important with our kids. Being ruthless regarding who they talk to and associate with. Their peers are so important regarding lifetime habits. Creating controlled and strategic lines of communication is the difference between drugs, sex and out-of-control kids. Their future is bright and as parents, we need to show them that it’s not at all doom and gloom as Facebook and the main media is making it out to be.

To teach them about being resilient, fact-check on many platforms the digital information that is numbing their undeveloped minds. To teach them the skill of never giving up and pushing through the day-to-day chores of life is just part of life. To develop their skills unlike when we were at school where our options were so limited.

University is not for all and these days huge amounts of cash are being made through, eBay, Etsy and youtube. If they have that gift embrace it and guide our kids.

Watch Your Children

Just simply sit back, and watch your kids follow that mother instinct it has never failed for over two thousand years. Get involved in what they are listening to. My daughter is into Synth, synthesize music like De Pache Mode. Apparently, I have no idea what it is. I keep getting constantly reminded how I am not parenting right, the truth be had they are right. I have never been trained to be a parent even though I went to uni and have a teaching degree.

In their own words, my social media is cringe worthy.

My daughter loves the London Sock Company. So I get her to work so she can continue to build a business sock relationship.

London Sock Company

Teaching them work ethic is the best entrepreneurial skill a kid can ever gain. Welcome to homeschooling.

I take the abuse and remind them the best freedom fighters and defenders for them are their mother and father, born male and female.

Show them we are there and love them through very discipline skills compared to my Italian parents. Different generations adapt to change to a certain extent.

Parents hold the key to their future, and as a Christian, I know the prayers of my ancestors got me where I am today. Never stop praying for your kids ever.

Mental Health Tips - How To Get Your Kids Out Of Their Bedroom