Oh, Silverstone! A place where the air buzzes with the intoxicating mix of excitement, speed, and the unmistakable growl of Ferrari engines. A recent adventure took me to the heart of British motor racing for an event that was nothing short of opulent a Classic Club Track Day with the Ferrari aficionados. This wasn’t just any day out; it was a plunge into a world where luxury, speed, and passion intertwine, and I was there to drink it all in, one exhilarating lap at a time. As I was reviewing a luxury Manor in my Bentley Bentayga, these two men in their Ferrari F430 approached me.

The History Of Silverstone

Nestled in the heart of Northamptonshire, England, Silverstone is a village that might seem unassuming at first glance. But don’t let its quaint charm fool you. Located merely 4 miles away from Towcester, once on the bustling path of the former A43 main road, Silverstone is a name that resonates far beyond its modest size. It’s a place where history meets horsepower, a crossroads of tradition and adrenaline. About 10 miles from the roar of the M1 motorway junction 15A and roughly 12 miles from the hum of the M40 motorway junction 10, Silverstone stands as a beacon for motor enthusiasts and classic car aficionados alike.

For someone like me, with a classic Ferrari tucked away, waiting for its moment to shine, Silverstone isn’t just a location; it’s a pilgrimage. The village might be surrounded by the pastoral beauty of Northampton, the urban buzz of Milton Keynes, and the historical allure of Banbury, but for those in the know, it’s the circuit that’s the true draw. The opportunity to book a track day here is akin to being handed the keys to a kingdom where time slows down only to speed up on the asphalt.

Taking my classic Ferrari to Silverstone was a decision driven by more than just the need for speed. It was about connecting with a legacy, about tracing the rubber marks left by legends, and about writing my own chapter in the annals of motor racing. The journey from the quiet streets of my town to the iconic circuit was a transition from everyday life into a world where every turn holds a story, every straightaway a challenge to be met.

Silverstone Race - My Ferrari Club Track Day

The drive to Silverstone itself was a prelude to the excitement. With each mile closer, the anticipation built, much like the crescendo of a Ferrari’s engine as it prepares to leap forward. Exiting the motorway, the landscape transformed from the mundane to the magical, as if the very roads were leading me to a temple of speed.

Upon arrival, the village of Silverstone, with its understated English charm, served as a stark contrast to the pulse-quickening circuit that lay in its embrace. It’s a reminder that even in the most serene settings, there are places where passion burns bright, where the heart races, and where dreams take flight on the wings of horsepower.

Booking a track day at Silverstone in my classic Ferrari was not just about testing the limits of the car’s engineering or my own skills behind the wheel. It was about being part of a continuum, a tradition of speed and excellence that has defined this place since the earliest days of motor racing. It was about the privilege of sharing the track with ghosts of races past and the heroes who made them unforgettable.

Silverstone Race - My Ferrari Club Track Day

In the end, the experience of driving my Ferrari on the hallowed tarmac of Silverstone was more than just a day’s outing. It was a rite of passage, a moment of communion with the spirit of motor racing. The village of Silverstone, with its quiet streets and rolling countryside, might be worlds away from the glitz and glamour often associated with Ferrari. Yet, it is here, on this historic circuit, that the heart of the marque beats the strongest, where every classic Ferrari gets to dance, and where every driver gets to dream.

Let me set the scene: imagine driving up to Silverstone, the sun glinting off the sleek curves of Ferraris that span generations. These machines are not just cars; they’re icons, each with a story that could rival any epic saga. And there I was, amidst this sea of opulence, ready to dive deep into the Ferrari folklore. My Italian roots gave me a leg up in understanding the allure of these magnificent beasts, but nothing could prepare me for the day ahead. I was not dressed for the occasion.

Silverstone Race - My Ferrari Club Track Day

Silverstone Race - My Ferrari Club Track Day

Ferrari Track Day Revelation

The track day was a revelation, an exclusive glimpse into the world of those who not only own these marvelous machines but cherish them with a fervor that borders on religion. I met men who treated their Ferraris as members of the family, only taking them out for a spin four times a year, and others who, on their maiden voyage on the track, revealed a mix of trepidation and exhilaration that was palpable.

Silverstone Race - My Ferrari Club Track Day

Car Psychologist On Speed Dial

One fellow even had a car psychologist on speed dial, a gentle reminder of the car’s value and the need for decorum on the track. Yes, you read that right – a car psychologist! And as for the attire? Let’s just say, on a track where the average Ferrari is valued at £200k, fashion statements are as diverse and impressive as the cars themselves.

The collective worth of these automotive jewels on the track was a staggering £35 million, but the real treasure was the opportunity to peel back the layers of the Ferrari mystique.

Legends of the track, Tony Jones and Graham Reeder, were my Virgil in this high-octane Dante’s Inferno, guiding me through the nuances of racing, the heritage of the cars, and the camaraderie that binds the Ferrari community.

Silverstone Race - My Ferrari Club Track Day

The Ferrari F430

The highlight? Being whisked around Silverstone in a Ferrari that had tasted victory and glory in equal measure. The F430, a car with a pedigree that includes wins at the British GT Championship and a storied history in GT racing. Climbing into this car was a skill in itself, but the real test was keeping my composure as we sped around the track, the G-force battling every fiber of my being.

This was no ordinary ride; it was a ballet of speed and precision, a dance where every corner, every straight, was a testament to the engineering marvel that is a Ferrari. And just when I thought I could relax into the rhythm of the track, the unexpected happened – a reminder that even in the world of luxury, surprises wait around every corner.

Silverstone Race - My Ferrari Club Track Day

Broken down Ferraris? Yes, there were a few, but rather than dampening the spirit, it only underscored the passion that Ferrari owners have for their cars. It’s a sport, a lifestyle, and yes, occasionally, a comedy of errors when a car decides it’s had enough.

Silverstone Race - My Ferrari Club Track Day

Silverstone Race - My Ferrari Club Track DaySilverstone Race - My Ferrari Club Track Day

Silverstone Race - My Ferrari Club Track Day

Vintage Onesies





Reflecting on the day, I realized that a Ferrari, much like a woman, demands respect. Ignore her, and she’ll make sure you know it. But treat her right, and she’ll take you on the ride of your life. Silverstone, with its history and prestige, was the perfect backdrop for this love affair between man, machine, and the open track.

Silverstone Race - My Ferrari Club Track DaySilverstone Race - My Ferrari Club Track Day Silverstone Race - My Ferrari Club Track Day

Silverstone Race - My Ferrari Club Track Day

Silverstone Race - My Ferrari Club Track Day

The Ferrari The Track Experience

The day ended, but the memories linger, vivid and thrilling. The speed, the sound, the sheer exhilaration of being part of something so exclusive and electrifying – it’s an experience that goes beyond words. It’s a reminder of the beauty of engineering, the thrill of speed, and the enduring allure of Ferrari.

So, to those who wonder why the Ferrari Club Track Day at Silverstone is a must for any self-respecting petrol head, my answer is simple: it’s where you live the dream, if only for a day. And as for me? Well, let’s just say I left a piece of my heart on that track, forever intertwined with the roar of those iconic engines. Until next time, Silverstone.


Silverstone Race - My Ferrari Club Track Day Silverstone Race - My Ferrari Club Track Day