Buying secondhand clothes online allows people to save money. But it’s not always easy to find good-quality garments. Experts weigh in on how to buy quality secondhand clothes online.

Who Are The Experts?

I have been selling on Vestiaire Collective. A leading platform for second-hand clothes and handbags began in 2009 when a group of Parisiens decided to clean out their closets and sell what they were no longer wearing.

Vestiaire is now valued at $1.7bn based on its latest round of funding, according to Bloomberg data.

This is what I did with high heel brand new boots and shoes. I no longer needed it. It comes as no surprise to read. Some rival luxury companies are already exploring the sector. Earlier this year, French conglomerate Kering took a 5 per cent stake in Vestiaire Collective. This marketplace is making luxury brands like Chanel very nervous. Hering’s famous brand is Gucci. Our obsession with luxury goods now is immense. not to pay original retail prices for second-hand items is heaven.

Kering’s star brand Gucci also formed a partnership with US-based resale platform The RealReal last year. The second market is a brilliant message for environmentally-conscious shoppers.

Check out my IG for items I am selling on Vestiaire. Currently, I have D&G and Chanel for sale.

How to Buy Quality Secondhand Clothes Online - Tips From Fashion Pros

Factors To Consider When Buying

My top tip is when you are selling just get rid of the item. it’s not about making a profit. t is about paving way for a new wardrobe. So for me at fifty, my body, soul and mind are reinventing me for new challenges in the blogging sphere I am heading to. On Vetsiaire you pay a fiver to authenticate the items I am buying. I only do this if I am paying over 250euro for an item. It’s a buyers peace of mind to do so.

These three things, Time, Truth and Trust, are more scarce now than ever. If brands can give their customers better use of their time, more personalized products and services and relevant personal recommendations from people whose values consumers share, then that is a luxury experience that can’t be beaten. That’s the kind of retail that doesn’t have to discount prices to sell its products and is an important component of future retail success.

Why Shop For Preloved Clothing?

The reason I shop for #preloved fashion. Is that my truth is knowing that new clothing never worn or worn once of high quality. Is helping me support #sustainableclothing

It does take time to do so. But it’s in the hunt of searching for unique clothing that makes my shopping experience all that more rewarding.

when I buy #vintage clothing or #secondhandfashion from many years ago. I know I can trust the clothing brand that once was.

For example, I trust vintage textiles of the past.  Luxury brands like Gucci Prada and Chanel of many years ago. Is much better quality than what is being sold today.

Where To Look For Clothes

Vestiaire Collective has amazing clothing from Eure. And its online store of many luxury brands is a women’s and Genz fashion dream. Imagine all the luxury items under one second-hand store. Who needs Asos marketplace when you have this.

How To Communicate With The Seller

When I sell on Vetsiaire I love how they manage your conversation with the buyer. So there is no eBay form of cheating. Every chat is monitored to protect both the buyer and the seller. My item got lost and it took many conversations to sort u. I gt a refund ad a buyer due to the delivery company losing the 8tem. Everything is tracked on Vestiaire Collective.

How to Buy Quality Secondhand Clothes Online - Tips From Fashion Pros

When The Item Comes In The Mail

This is really exciting. the constant emails to inform exactly where my team is makes it more exciting. So if I bought an expensive item such as Dior or Louis Vuitton. My high-quality clothing is protected by excellent couriers such as DHL or UPS. The speed is amazing, twice my items have been sold and sent on the same day. the buyer has it in their hands the very next day. This really takes the anxiety of buying and selling out of the equation. This online platform then gives the buyer 72hrs to decide if they want the item or not.

My top tip. Sell the best quality items you have. I have not had a return out of the 25 items sold. I always sell items new in boxes or worn once.

How To Get The Best Price

I learnt the hard way. I sold my Jimmy Choo brand new boots far too cheap. So don’t always accept Vesitiare recommended prices. be bold, be patient and hold on to knowing your items are worth the price you want. An example of this. I sold my Versace new boots never worn 100 euro more than Vestiaire recommended. Be mindful of trends.

So for example anything, Gucci right now is sought after. De to the movie The Hous of Gucci, starring Lady gaga.

Vintage fur Lady Gaga House Of Gucci

If Your Item Does Not Sell

I know items sold are seasonal. So if it is not selling after one month. Take it off and try again later. I did this with my Burberry platforms and they eventually sold. Ski gear only sells during the winter months. So my tweed Gucci trousers sold fast at the beginning of the ski season.

What To Do If The Item Is Not What You Expect

Vestiire allows you 72hours to say yes or no. Be fair and communicate with the seller your reason why. This is all about carbon footprint if it’s due to minor flaws like colour then don’t be harsh in asking for a refund. remember even with tag unworn does not man new. This is womenswear at second-hand items with an amazing price range.


Why is Prada heir Lorenzo Bertelli is sizing up the second-hand fashion market? Because there is too much competition now to ignore it.

His experience as a rally driver who has competed in the World Rally Championship, saying: “Rallying and sport, in general, taught me a lot.

“It teaches you to never give up and also a lot of humility, in the sense that you have to learn,” he said. “Sometimes sport is cruel when you want to measure yourself.”

Fashion is cruel thanks to fast fashion brand ZARA No one can ever match this market. So preloved items will take fast-fashion head-on. The simple reason, it’s an eco-friendly message. Luxury items for women’s clothes at a discount price is the new boutique’s online opportunity to embrace.

How to Buy Quality Secondhand Clothes Online - Tips From Fashion Pros

Unique At Fifty Wearing Vintage

I am fifty I want to wear items of high quality that London and Europe are famous for. I like to swap my items in the past. But I have wasted so much cash in buying items that don’t fit me or my lifestyle. So to get some cash on that is good for my bank account. It also teaches my kids high-quality textiles. Online thrift stores are also a great way to hunt for vintage items. Sex and the City new series is all about vintage wear. Sarah Jessica Parker is setting the over fifty trends this year.

Final Method: Shop In Person

You can never match buying apparel face to face. So it is why I support charity stores too. I have found amazing jewellery at places like Oxfam or Hospice in the UK.

What Sells Best On Vestiaire Collective

For me any historical Italian brands like Versace, Gucci and Prada. As for French items, Hermes and Chanel. Fur is very hard to sell. I am all about upcycling fur. Dolce & Gabbana doesn’t sell at good prices. This is all about how to spend less on clothes.

The Made In Italy is historically strong.

Tuscany Made In Italy

Gen Z

Geen z Love buying from depop. No, when you are selling any items make sure you do the following.

Depop is like thrifting but virtual. With over 21 million users. Sellers are required to add a detailed description, hashtags, and a plethora of images (some with items being modelled), as this helps to increase visibility and build buyers’ trust. Another platform is called Poshmark which targets the US, Canada and Australia. I am all about high-quality fashion at discount prices.