Dear fabulous friends –  I’m Iris . O.

I will firstly introduce myself as a beautiful plus size woman who loves clothes. I am also known as Iris .O. I woke up one day really early excited, ready to go to Westfields, Stratford home of the Olympics. My mission, fabulous friend is to find an outfit for a girly night out. I am hoping finding an outfit will be relatively easy, after all I expect shops to be current and have a lot of choice. It’s 2012, isn’t it? I am hoping in a year of celebrating diversity with the Olympics and the Paralympics, I would find something in my size. I have been sizes ranging from 18-24 most of my life.

River Island dresses the Plus Size women

I love shopping as much as my non plus size counterparts. I walked into a selection of 6 shops. The chosen shops have prices which are accessible to the average earnings of women in the UK. On the whole I walked in the shops and walked out, unable to find the right outfit. I walked into River Island, I heard the hallelujah chorus as I stood in River Island. I saw a beautiful selection of dresses and tops which were not frumpy or unattractive in size 22.

Plus Size Women, River island UK


Maternity Section for Plus Size women

I was disappointed in the other 5 shops the comments were disheartening. The comments were;” we only go up to size 16,”we do size 22 but we only get one in each style “. I saw some lovely items which could look nice on a plus size body. I want to ask H&M; where has your big but beautiful range gone? I don’t want to buy great looking clothes which belong in the maternity section (advise given to me by my non plus size friend, really?) .It is great pregnant women are catered for but I am PLUS SIZE not pregnant.

Embrace fashion no matter what size you are

My journey has included numerous ways to try and lose weight, too numerous to mention or as they say “that’s another show. I love fashion but it would seem my love is unrequited as retailers or the most part do not love my plus body back. It is about time retailers woke up, plus size women have money to spend but they want to look great in their clothes as well as anybody. I need more choice on the high street. I am glad for the many on line retailers who have gorgeous clothes for the plus size woman. It is not so great when you need an outfit quickly. I want to give a big shout out to River Island, thank you for your gorgeous plus size clothes at an affordable price. It’s about time other high street shops took a leaf out of River Islands’ fashion book.