Now that the warm weather is finally (mostly) here, it’s time to throw off all those heavy coats and hats and revel in light, summery fashions.

If you’re in love with the fashions of the 1920s and 30s, it’s easy to recreate some of the timeless looks of that era with items that have been making their appearance in shops lately. With the release of Gatsby, many people are realising just how stunning the styles were back then, and clothes that suit that era’s aesthetic are being seen all over the place!

The 1920s

When most people think of the Roaring Twenties, images of flappers and glamour queens come to mind: tasselled dresses, feathered headbands, and piles of rhinestones. That look really doesn’t work for daily wear though, does it? I mean, many of us would love to show up at work in outfits like that, but we might end up getting a talking-to. The daytime styles of the 20s were lovely as well, with dresses ranging from just below the knee through midi-length, and right down to ankle-sweeping column gowns. On warm days when you’d like to get some sunshine on your legs, consider a shorter shift dress like some of the ones shown in the Warehouse video below and pair with vintage accessories that evoke the spirit of that era. Low-heeled shoes, strings of beads, and clutch purses would work well and be sure to keep a long cardigan at hand in case the weather turns chilly or your boss cranks up the air conditioning indoors.

For shoes? Ballerina flats or Oxfords.

The 1920s

Flapper Frocks

If you prefer longer lengths, aim for a hemline that either brushes your calves or sweeps just below your ankles. Long, fluid silhouettes are perfect, and you can play with short-sleeved looks or asymmetrical one-shoulder cuts depending on your personal sense of style. Add a long necklace with a pendant (or even a long strand of beads that you’ve knotted near the bottom), low heels, and the Marcel wave in your hair. Keep daytime makeup light, with green or blue eyeshadow and coral lipstick, but kick up the makeup for evening looks with smoky eyeshadow and darker lips.


The 1930s

This decade had less “boyish” cuts, in that the dresses were no longer long, draped columns and shifts, but instead had clearly defined waistlines, as well as pleats, ruffles, and bows (in moderation). Styles were a bit more toned-down, but by no means boring! This is a great era to draw from to create more polished day looks, and if your personality leans more to the sweet and bookish than champagne-fuelled partying, you might be drawn to the grace and beauty from this decade.

vintage 1930

1930,s Style

Hemlines were normally between below-the-knee and midi, and dresses could be sleeveless, capped, or flutter-sleeved, often paired with a cardigan or light blazer. T-strap, low-heeled shoes go perfectly with any outfit, and purses that balance strong architectural construction with feminine accents (like flowers or bows) usually matched one’s shoes. Bakelite jewellery was popular, and you can find real vintage pieces at any thrift shop. Keep your hair soft and slightly curled, and your makeup fairly neutral, with eyes outlined in dark brown or black, and lips in red, berry, coral, or pink.

vintage 1930