Hello, darlings! It’s me, your globe-trotting, luxury-loving maven, sharing the most opulent and educational adventure my children and I have embarked upon. Picture this: trotting around the globe, from the sparkling shores of Bali to the ancient ruins of Rome, all while giving my children an education that’s as rich and textured as a Dolce & Gabbana tapestry. Our journey through 23 countries has been nothing short of a masterclass in living the dream, opulently and educationally.

Rewind to 2016, when my partner and I, fuelled by a desire to break free from the mundane, embarked on an adventure that would redefine the essence of learning for our children. Unlike the conventional childhood I had, where holidays were a thing of dreams, I wanted my children to bask in the freedom and beauty of diverse cultures.

Our first escapade was a year-long sojourn across Malta, Shri Lanka, Australia, Bali, and Malaysia, an experience that opened our eyes to the limitless classroom that is the world.

flower petal bath Asia

Bali we are wellness experts and so are my kids

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Australia reviewing with car company Jaguar


Then came the twist in our tale—my second pregnancy. Despite the challenges it brought, our wanderlust remained unquenched. With a toddler in tow and a baby on the way, we explored Paris, Holland, and Bali, before welcoming our second bundle of joy down under in Australia. Our journey didn’t stop there; from Malta to Andorra and then a spellbinding tour across Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia, every destination was a lesson, every experience a chapter in our very own living textbook.

Gracie Opulanza Superdry

Andorra my kids were skiing for years

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Hoi An Vietnam, my kids love coming here

The pandemic years saw my girls bloom into teenagers, prompting us to make a bold move—selling everything to explore Europe. Italy, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, and Greece; each country was a new discovery, a treasure trove of learning and luxury. But let’s not sugarcoat it; world-schooling is an art form that comes with its own set of challenges, from navigating visa restrictions to overcoming language barriers. Yet, the rewards, oh, the rewards are as lavish as they come! Had to do a review with luxury Australian brand, called Country Road. The kids helped me choose the clothes.


Country Road Australia

Burn The Textbooks

One of the most precious lessons I’ve learned is the importance of following my children’s passions. Why bore them with subjects they have no interest in when the world is brimming with fascinating, real-life education?

My eldest thrives on live online lessons, covering the essentials like English and maths, while my youngest, who faces learning challenges, finds joy in the school of life, mastering skills that textbooks simply can’t teach.

Our adventures have been punctuated with “magical” moments in Greece, Rome, Florence, and beyond. Imagine reviewing 5-star hotels, whipping up culinary delights with hotel chefs, and immersing ourselves in the local culture—all in a day’s work for us. Yet, it’s not all about the luxury; it’s about making memories, facing challenges, and growing together as a family. That is my daughter in the background use to being part of social media marketing of our brands.



My daughters visited Uffizi museum everyday for 28days during the pandemic. What an education of art and history.

Uffizi Gallery Florence Italy Gracie Opulanza 2020

Venice hotel review!

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Reviewing Luxury Hotels With Your Kids

In the glamorous whirlwind of running MenStyleFashion, my children have become seasoned connoisseurs of luxury and style, learning the art of hotel reviewing across the globe. From the enchanting waterways of Venice to the serene beaches of Koh Samui, their journey has been an extraordinary classroom, teaching them invaluable business skills far beyond the traditional curriculum.

Diving into the digital age headfirst, they’ve mastered the art of social media, becoming adept at capturing the essence of luxury through the lens of Instagram. Each post is a lesson in aesthetics and narrative, telling the story of opulence and comfort that defines our brand. Their ability to weave the visual and verbal story of each hotel visit into a compelling narrative has become second nature, showcasing not just the physical beauty of these places but also the experiences that make them unique.

Video editing has become another feather in their cap.

Crafting engaging content that captures the heart and soul of our stays, from the breathtaking views at the Four Seasons in Koh Samui to the historical elegance of Lucca, they’ve learned to tell a story that resonates with our audience. This isn’t just about cutting and splicing footage; it’s about creating a visual journey that transports our viewers right into the heart of each destination.

Understanding the nuanced difference between reviewing a luxury hotel and simply being a paying guest has given them a profound insight into the hospitality industry. They’ve learned that a review isn’t just about the services rendered but about the story of the stay—the emotional resonance and the unique experiences that make each hotel a home away from home.

Over and over we must say to our kids over the years,  don’t mess up the room or jump on that bed until we have filmed and taken images.

Fourseasons Resort Koh Samui Thailand Gracie Opulanza Orange Straw hat 2023 (4)

Staging products is how our kids learn the art of marketing. They must get involved.

Fourseasons Resort Koh Samui Thailand Gracie Opulanza Orange Straw hat 2023 (4)

Fine dining has become a regular part of our travels, teaching them the intricacies of etiquette and the rich tapestry of flavors that high-end restaurants offer. They’ve learned to navigate the complex dance of a gourmet meal, from the subtleties of wine pairing to the artistry of plating, gaining an appreciation for the culinary arts that few their age possess.

Our journey through cities like Florence, Bangkok, and Melbourne has been more than just an adventure; it’s been a hands-on education in business, marketing, and the luxury lifestyle.

They’ve learned the importance of attention to detail, the art of negotiation, and the value of a well-crafted review.

Through our travels, they’ve developed a sophisticated palate, not just for food, but for the very essence of luxury and style.

This journey with MenStyleFashion has not only broadened their horizons but has equipped them with a skill set that transcends the conventional. They’re growing up with a business acumen sharpened by real-world experiences, a deep appreciation for cultures around the globe, and a sophisticated understanding of the luxury market. As we continue to explore new destinations and share our experiences, I’m filled with pride at the savvy, worldly individuals my children are becoming, all while contributing to the legacy of MenStyleFashion.

Look at all the hotel reviews we have done with our kids. My daughter with learning difficulties took this shot for me in Holland as part of the hotel review.

Olive Green - How To Wear Green With Bold Accessories

Car Reviews

Alongside reviewing lavish hotels, we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to experience the pinnacle of luxury transportation, car reviews driving Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lexus, Jaguar, and Audi across continents from Australia to the United Kingdom. The lessons we’ve absorbed on this journey are not just about understanding the mechanics of these high-end vehicles or mastering social media to share our experiences. It’s about the resilience, adaptability, and grace under pressure that comes with navigating the globe in some of the world’s most prestigious cars.

Imagine the exhilarating feeling of driving a Rolls Royce through the historic streets of Italy or steering a Bentley along the scenic routes of Holland. It’s not just about the drive; it’s about the story each car tells, the legacy it carries, and how we, as a family, weave our narrative into that legacy. My daughters have learned to appreciate the craftsmanship and heritage of these vehicles, understanding that each one has a unique personality and demands a certain respect on the road.



Being part of such experiences has taught us more than just how to handle luxury cars. It’s imparted lessons on responsibility—knowing that the way we present these vehicles on platforms like Instagram or YouTube reflects not only on our brand but on the prestigious brands we represent. My girls have become adept at capturing the essence of luxury through a lens, translating opulence into digital content that resonates with our audience. They’ve learned the art of storytelling, showcasing not just a car, but a lifestyle, a dream that many aspire to.

The pressure, oh, the pressure! Driving these majestic machines around the globe isn’t for the faint-hearted. It requires a level of confidence and skill that I’ve honed over the years, thanks in no small part to my farming background. Yes, you heard that right—farming! The same skills that once had me navigating rugged terrains on a tractor now see me cruising in a Jaguar through the bustling streets of London or maneuvering an Audi through the picturesque landscapes of Australia.

This journey has been about more than just the cars or the luxury; it’s been a comprehensive education for my daughters. They’ve learned about the hard work behind the glamour—the meticulous planning, the relentless dedication, and the unwavering commitment required to succeed in the highly competitive world of luxury branding. They’ve seen firsthand how passion can drive success, how a dream can turn into reality, and how their mum, armed with farming grit and a love for luxury, can take on the world.

My daughter took this Bentley image.

Bentley bentayga SUV V8 Gracie Opulanza fashion lifestyle (1)


Speaking of challenges, let’s talk socialization. Finding friends for my children has been a quest, but with persistence and a touch of luck, we’ve woven a tapestry of friendships across the globe. And language? Darling, between the four of us, we navigate the world in six languages, a testament to the power of immersive learning.

Now, I hear you asking, “Is such a lifestyle even possible?” Absolutely, it is! We’re not superheroes; we’re just a family with a dream that turned into our reality.

If there’s one thing I want you to take away from our journey, it’s this: the world is your oyster, and education is not confined to the four walls of a classroom. It’s out there, in every corner of the globe, waiting for you to explore.

Recent trip to Laos Luang Prabang

They learn about food, fashion and cultures that not even google could compare.

Our adventures have taught us invaluable life lessons. We’ve learned to adapt to different cultures, to respect the nuances of luxury across the globe, and to approach each new experience with an open mind and a hungry heart. The world has been our classroom, and these cars, our textbooks. Together, we’ve learned lessons that far surpass anything that could be taught within the four walls of a traditional school.

As we continue to explore the world, from the driver’s seat of some of the most coveted cars on the planet, our journey with MenStyleFashion evolves. It’s a testament to the power of dreams, the importance of family, and the endless possibilities that life offers when you’re willing to drive into the unknown.

So, to all the dreamers out there, I say, dive in! The world is vast, beautiful, and surprisingly accessible. Whether it’s through the lens of luxury or the simple joys of discovery, world-schooling is a pathway to an enriched, vibrant life for you and your children.

Who knows? Perhaps I’ll bump into you in a charming little café in Venice or on a sun-kissed beach in Koh Samui. Until then, keep dreaming, keep exploring, and most importantly, keep living opulently. Ciao, darlings!

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