The Asian fashion tour has begun and I am currently in Kuala Lumpur. I’m very familiar with the city but have never come here for work. KLCC has a lot to offer when it comes to food and fashion. It’s renowned for the Petronas towers. The image below is where I am currently staying at the Traders Hotel.


One of my favourite shopping centres is called the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur shopping Mall. It’s situated in the Bukit Bintang district in KL district centre. The reason I like it so much is the food court. For me it is the best out there for KL. The shopping Mall has a variety of International brands which gives you an insight in to how the Malaysian people like to shop and how the tourist blend in too.


Parkon, the John Lewis of Malaysia hosts a lot of brands. Parkson is the anchor tenant of Pavilion KL. It takes the biggest portion of available retail space in a shopping Mall. One of my favourite sections is the shoe collections and the different brands that you won’t be familiar with. Here are some of my top chick picks. These amazing foldable pumps from Singapore designer JWest are truly my new best friends for a fashion event. I also had an eyebrow shaping done here and it’s the best experience I’ve ever had. The attention to detail was amazing.

JWest-Singapore-foldable-pumps Petronas-Twin-Towers-Kuala-Lumpur

Food Court

It hosts so many food choices and you can start eating as early as 10am. If you’re not familiar with Asian cuisines this is a perfect place to get your taste buds into. The hygiene is excellent and the people are fabulous too. My favourite is the Tofu bar. The selection here is one of the world’s best you’ll ever experience. The Tepanyanki is a bargain and a must try. All cooked in front of you fresh.
There is also an outdoor place, great atmosphere at night, a must try and very international scene for sure. Everyone is in fine spirits here. Coffee Bean do fabulous coffee but it comes at a price averaging out at 4euro a cup.

O.P.I Pedicure and Manicure

For me the best culture in the world to pamper your feet and nails is Asia. A must treat for any man let alone woman to partake in. Seated right on the top floor next Tokoyo town is a treatment small boutique. Its more pricey than the rest of KL but they do a fabulous job and a nice quirky pink seat just adds to the experience. I can’t stop looking at my new pampered feet. A must attention when you’re exposing those toes. They also do facials etc.



Leather Luxury Handbags


There are a variety of leather bags out there and house held names but I’m Australian and if you’re looking for something of quality and classic handbag, this is the place to be. An Australian brand that I have bought since the age of of 15. The quality has remained throughout the thirty years I’ve known it for. Today I chose a mans-bag leather backpack that I’ve been hunting for for over two years. Very versatile and huge for all my fashion engagements.



Bonia is an Asian company from Malaysia who hosts some gorgeous travel luxury suitcases at the moment. The leather is from Italy and the quality is gorgeous. The price is bang on trend for me.


This shopping Mall is a great starting point for getting over your jetlag and once you do, make sure you venture out to China Town and the Batu Caves. The Malaysian people are so friendly, helpful and go the extra mile regarding everything. I had a teenage kid try to steal my phone and it resulted in me with a broken hand. But the most humbling aftercare from every Malaysian person has been so apologetic regarding the incident. So much so the Doctor from GlenEagles Hospital did not charge me for consultation as an apology. Come to Kuala Lumpur, if not for shopping, but for the amazing people themselves.