Being in Brussels for Easter it was appropriate to go and see the Hermes equivalent luxury company called Delvaux. With a history stretching back more than 180 years, the House of Delvaux is the oldest fine leather luxury goods company in the world. The Brussels based company,Delvaux has designed more than 3000 original handbags. All of its products are handmade using the finest leathers and only four people on average work on each bag at a time. Leathers used at The House of Delvaux, comes from young calves bred in Italy and France. The variety of animals used is a huge variety that being goat, alligator, snake and bullocks, but other exotic hides are used too; ostrich, lizard and salmon.

Despite their timeless designs, some bags still represent their eras since the beginning. These bags are beautifully made and if you want a quality leather bag this is the boutique to visit. I would look at their iconic design range, very chic indeed. One project that Studio Delvaux has created is a creative thinking hub towards handbag designs. This is where designers, no matter what their field, gather together and brainstorm new creations. This is very clever and fashion forward thinking, especially when they have to continue to expand and diversify their current collection. The new innovative techniques give their bags a contemporary edge and caters for the 2012 fashionista.

This company is a fashion success story that Belgiums are very proud of.

The image below was during his reign at Delvaux, Charles was appointed official supplier to the Royal Court; Belgian Queen Poala was known to have a ‘Le Grand Bonheur’ bag, which is featured here.