For me when I meet young designers believing in their vision it excites me. It also challenges me to see how influential my on-line magazines are. How my Social Media can get a brand out there on-line. In recent months I have been gifted many different items. It’s an awkward roller coaster of emotions as I am not used to it. So how I work is simple. Sometimes I will write a review and most of the time I won’t. The reason I do this is if I don’t like it, I don’t plug it. But we do lots of product reviews and when people pay me to actively be honest there are times where I will turn around and explain. I can’t take your money let alone write about your item because I don’t believe in the product.

HEDON Helmet – Looks And Feels Soft As Leather

Before meeting the co-founders I was instantly attracted to the helmets. I liked they way they looked, this is how fashion items work for me. The instant look will intrigue me to explore. Now its been a long time since I have ridden a motorbike but I ride a bike often. For those that know me well I always like to to stretch the product to the extreme. So we all decided because I ski almost everyday that I would do a review that way.

First of all when the helmet arrived I fell instantly in love with the packaging. The see through plastic teaser to see if you have been sent the right helmet is clever. So when I saw my red helmet I knew the correct item was sent. The brown soft protected leather cloth bag for the helmet is a sweet stylish touch.

When I placed the helmet on, I knew I was putting on quality and the leather interior was perfect for my head let alone my ears. What I am surprised about is how light the helmet is. Now I am not sure what people were thinking whilst I was skiing in it but I certainly felt safe and it was snug and warm. Which is important both for skiing and riding a motorbike. The safety aspect is obvious but for me the looks are what really counts. I am truly amazed how much people spend on motorbikes but they always seem to neglect the final touches.

Customer Service Counts With Me

For me you can have the best product out there but if your customer service is out of sink let alone not good. Then you won’t return as a customer. But at HEDON from the moment I met these guys I fell in equal admiration and love with both them and the product. The whole experience in getting the helmet is why I say to you get your head into a HEDON helmet. On whether it be a push bike, motorbike or your ski-gear and ride and slide with HEDON. Your head deserves the respect.

Gracie Opulanza - HEDON helmets


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