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I was lockdown for months in a small tiny flat. my views were lovely but my feng shui was utter soul-destroying. I was in the process of moving and after lockdown, I actually sold all my household goods.

I gave lots away including every item that made me feel ill. I love the colour coral reef but for some, you may find it draining.

scuola of st rocco venice cross

So my home is actually travelling month to month here in Italy. I started staying in Venice and it is one of the most stunning cities in the world.

Relais Alberti was one of my hotel reviews on the island of Lido.

What a wonderful way to be inspired by interior design and feng shui by staying in a hotel that is 600 years old.

Relais Alberti Lido Venice - Fourteenth Century Venetian Hotel (19)

Ceiling art or fresco is a brilliant way to redecorate one of your homes.

Relais Alberti Lido Venice - Fourteenth Century Venetian Hotel (19)

Bed Linen

Your bed is where you rest, creates babies and spend an average of 8 hours. Choose your bed linen wisely. make sure it all matches. And don’t neglect your back.

A good mattress is a must. I put flowers next to me whilst I sleep. Flowers and my room decor is important for my mental health.

Relais Alberti Lido Venice - Fourteenth Century Venetian Hotel (19)

Loan, Swap And Gift

Did lockdown highlight how much items you have that you could have loaned, gifted or swapped? learn these skills and be mindful of the powerful revelation. That covid 19 showed us how little we need to live with and how all around the globe that nature had a good rest from us.

Everywhere I live now is loaned, gifted or swapped. Go to forums and share what you have and what you need.

Gift the items you don’t want. Swap items you need and ask to borrow furniture for awhile. When you have had enough give it back.

The Facebook market place is a perfect way to swap items. Swap an art piece that suits your home.

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Inspirations For Your Feng Shui

Walking the streets and in and out of shops, churches and museums. I truly understand my love for Europe. The people who made Venice were amazing.

Being in Venice was a display of an opulent lifestyle. This open-air museum is to be adored and inspired by.

Saint Marc's Square Venice

The endless palazzos, bridges and richness in colours, is a wonderful way to learn what one loves when it comes to interior home decorating.

How To Wear Coral Reef venice italy 2020 rialto bridge (2)

I take lots of photo’s to help me remind myself of what I love.

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