In the past, straw bags were associated with a carefree and relaxed attitude. These bags were often found at affordable prices in markets in Provence and were commonly used to carry strawberries and baguettes on the way back home.

During the 1970s, Jane Birkin, known for her iconic French girl style, often carried traditional baskets while strolling down the streets of Paris. However, one can easily imagine her substituting those baskets with a Cala flung over her shoulder for a more modern touch.

Straw Luxury Bags summer bamboo 2023 (4)

In Paris this week, Ines de la Fressange, a 65-year-old French model and designer, was spotted carrying a stylish Patou wicker bucket bag priced at 395.

Straw Luxury Bags summer bamboo 2023 (4)

The Straw Bag Market Is Over

These visions were filled with romantic notions of enjoying picnics in fields of wildflowers or going on leisurely bike rides during the scorching summer days. Even if the vintage linens and artisan cheese they carried became slightly worn, it only enhanced their charm.

The straw bags, once commonly found in their natural habitat, have now transcended to a new environment. They can now be seen prominently displayed on the counters of high-end restaurants, carried by passengers in Business Class, and showcased in the front row of couture shows. Interestingly, these bags have also undergone a significant transformation in terms of their value, with some costing up to 100 times more than their humble predecessors.

Straw Luxury Bags summer bamboo 2023 (4) yellow

The yellow bag is in boutiques here in Thailand. They too have transformed into softer and more appealing to the holiday traveller, this summer of 2023.


In Vietnam whilst visiting Hoi An, I noticed the straw bag designs and quality are of a much higher standard. The price is cheaper too.

Hoi An Vietnam Straw bags a fashion goods 2023 (6) Hoi An Vietnam Straw bags a fashion goods 2023 (6)

Dolce & Gabbana

The #DGAltaModa Collection is a tribute to the rich cultural heritage and diverse influences of Puglia. Every piece in this collection highlights the exceptional beauty, meticulous craftsmanship, and cherished traditions of this region. Through the collection, we celebrate the essence of Val DItria, the skilled artisans who call it home, and their enduring artistic legacy.

One particularly striking item is a meticulously hand-woven dress embellished with tube-shaped Mikado elements.


Summer Sought Straw Bags

This summer, the most sought-after handbags range from well-known designer brands to more subtle luxury names. These trendy bags are all modern interpretations of the classic straw tote.

The market basket has been enhanced with a luxury hand that is renowned for its discreetly elegant bags made from high-quality leathers and suedes.

During the summer, you can find bags that have a similar relaxed and woven texture as a straw bag, but with a more polished and stylish appearance.

 The magic is that it’s super lightweight and slouchy yet really strong.

In comparison to other market buys, our product stands out for its durability and comfort. Unlike other options that are heavy and stiff, these days women want a soft, lightweight, with a slouchy fit. The final outcome of the product maintains the laid-back essence of the original basket, while also exuding an aura of sophistication and timeless fashion.

Eco friendly and Moral Straw Bags

I am reviewing luxury resorts around South East Asia. Supporting local artisans, wearing a straw hat, on the right of me is a straw and a bag made out of banana skin. To crochet bag on the left is from Indonesia, supporting local women. I walk with these bags knowing my money has bought food on the table and education to these artisans.

Four Seasons Koh Samui Gracie Opulanza Straw bags and hat

Prominent Leather Logo Raffia ToTes

In Tuscany, Italy, I have had the privilege of having multiple leather handbags custom-made. It is not uncommon to witness luxury brands opting for high-quality MadeInItaly leather instead of straw and plastic handles.

LE MANIGLIE DELL’AMORE Gracie Opulanza Vegan bags Siena Italy(14)

Wearing Vegan bag! Bespoke Takes 6 weeks to make

Made In Italy bespoke clogs and bags Tuscany LE MANIGLIE DELL’AMORE Vegan Luxury Handbags Italy Bespoke (8)

Again supporting designers who worked with the luxury brands of the past and now have ventured out on their own.

The Newest Line of Raffia Totes

The newest line of raffia totes features a luxurious and attention-grabbing design that includes prominent logos, allowing you to make a bold fashion statement.  Here are some well-known fashion labels that are known for their distinct styles: Loewe, Celine, and Saint Laurent. A notable example is Loewe’s 795 canvas trimmed raffia bag, which features the brand’s name stamped across the handles, making it easily recognizable.

The collaboration between the brand and Paulas Ibiza offers a striped tote bag priced at 1,200 pounds. This tote features a large leather logo patch on the front.

Raffia bags are the perfect accessory for achieving a light, easy, and carefree summer style. They offer our customers a statement look, whether they are on a city break or enjoying a day at the beach.

One of the benefits of using different textures in your outfits is that it allows you to experiment and be creative, making it a great option for holiday fashion.

This summer, luxury brands like Givenchy, Hunting Season, and Valentino are showcasing their straw bags as the latest must-have items. Meanwhile, Loewe and Chloe are leading the pack as the top-selling brands in this category.

Why Buy A Luxury Straw Bag

Straw Luxury Bags summer bamboo 2023 (1)

A luxury straw bag can be a great option for those looking to own a designer item without breaking the bank. Despite the perception of high prices, these bags are often more affordable compared to the leather bags offered by the same brands. In addition to the British label Rae Feather, small businesses like Roam Devon and the Straw Basket Company provide opportunities for personalizing your straw bag. If you prefer not to showcase a designer emblem, adding your own name can be a great alternative.

  In addition to its affordable price, the popularity of ultra-luxury, super-elevated basket bags like Bottega Veneta’s with leather handles has soared amongst our most valued customers, resulting in them being completely sold out.

Social Media Influence

The new generation of upscale straw bags appeals to both Gen Z influencers who enjoy showcasing their branded purchases on social media and older customers looking for timeless, practical items that still offer a touch of luxury.

The basket bag category is a versatile option that remains relevant throughout the year, as it can easily complement any outfit.

The popularity of straw bags has grown significantly, indicating their widespread presence in the fashion industry. The designer’s challenge and purpose behind the reincarnation of the straw bag was to create a versatile summer bag that seamlessly transitions from the city to the beach.

Basket bags are a popular choice for shoppers looking to invest in luxury designer brands, as they offer a strong conversion rate. I am loving Kate Spade limited edition yellow bags for this summer.

Kate Spade Wicker Tote lemon Gracie Opulanza 2023 (5)