I spotted the cable knit cashmere leggings here in Italy. I was instantly in love with the overall look. I currently own cashmere trousers which are super comfortable. But in comparison, they don’t look as stylish as these cable knit leggings.

As they reveal all curves of your legs, I feel it is much nicer to wear leggings as a supportive element for the rest of your clothes, rather than as a main garment.

wool cableknit cashmere leggings

They are just like leggings but when made out of cashmere they look and feel wonderful. I like to wear them with cashmere socks and my caretti clogs.

This is all about staying warm, stylish and feeling comfortable at home.

“I love white button-down shirts and would love to invest in a more oversized style to wear with leggings like this for a sophisticated look.”

Cable knit leggings

How To Choose Your Colour

From white to beige or deep green. The colours are all down to your homewear style.

When you have chosen your colour knitwear pallette. Start sorting out your shirts and tops.

It’s all about layering your outfit with your leggings.

Trench Coat

“The addition of a cool trench makes leggings and a white tee look so chic to me.”

orange trench coat

Rent a trench coat to find out what styles you prefer with your cable knits. Don’t be afraid to be bold in orange.

wool cableknit cashmere leggings

Accentuate Your Curves

If wanting to show every part of your legs then the cable knit legging is your style.

It is important to note they are normally designed with elastic and subtle patterned fabric. With fitted hems and a flexible waistband. Cable knit leggings feel like a second skin and accentuate your curves.

Wearing it with cape is also another alternative.

wool red cape Gracie Opulanza tuscany italy (2)

Cowboy Boots

They can be teamed with a long sleeve sweater or even T-shirt. But they do look great with cowboy boots too. The leggings are versatile and robust for any kind of lifestyle. Due to them being wool they are very sustainable.

cowboy boots with cable knit leggings

Cable Knee High Leggings

If you are not a fan then you can opt for these cable knit knee-high leggings. They look so chunky funky with trainers or knee-high boots.

Team it with a  wool-cashmere dress.

cashmere wool purple dress Gracie Opulanza 2021 made in Italy

cable knit leggings

The cable knit legging is an alternative legging and how one chooses to wear them is all about personal style.

If you are opting for the eighties then wear it with a mini denim skirt.